Drawing Foundations: Fundamentals – Part One

01. Before Picture – Draw a cup

Show your drawing skills before the course and draw a cup in less than 15 minutes.

No skills required. No techniques used. Simply drunkenly stumbling from line to line. From mistake to mistake.

My Submission:

02. Let lines be lines

Stop your brain working against you. And start segmenting lines, not objects.

When you see an object, like an apple, it’s quite easy to represent it visually. But what you represent is not the apple in front of you, but the meaning of an apple.

Our pattern-specialized brains love to simplify objects into more or less meaningless abstract shapes which everyone recognized as one an the same. Sometimes the similarity is far from the original #santashouse #sun.

This is beneficial in most aspects of life, but it hinders our drawing skills. Our brains often won’t follow exact lines voluntarily, but tend to stop short of the expected product, because “it’s to different from what you normally draw”.

To stop the this brain activity several tricks have been applied:

1. Turn the picture upside down

Turning the picture upside down confuses your brain and makes it harder to see those object-chunks. You only want to draw the lines, the objects are the end-result of their combination.

2. Work in a frame

A frame guides your pen when you draw the picture. It shows you how near the border certain lines begin and end. It also provides you with a steady reference for the angled lines. And lastly it limits the area of your focus, making it easier to concentrate on everything inside, marking everything outside as irrelevant.

3. Segment the object

To even further confuse your brain, segment the object into horizontal or vertical stripes. This makes it even easier to draw the exact line as you now have shorter frames which make positioning of the lines easier. The exact angles easier to see and reproduce. And you won’t as readily try to make your own object-chunks, because all you see are lines.


My Submission:

All in all I give myself … a better than expected (D+).

This is by far the first thing I’ve drawn that somehow represents art. Although the frame I did was a bit off and therefore the proportions off, I would say that there’s no need to make a long face.
I’m eager to learn more about drawing. Hopefully you are to.

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