AdWords Search Advertising Certification

Client: Google Search
Date: April 5, 2017
Services: Certificate

01. Why Google Search Advertising

It is an essential skill in the modern world of online advertising. And the short term alternative to search engine optimization for showing up in the search results. I know I will need this skill again in the future. At the latest at my next try for financial independence.

I took this exam and continued taking all other Google Exams to prove to others, that my skills and understanding pass Google’s own bar. About this specific exam: It was a refreshing reminder of best practices. And an quite reassuring first step into the unknown world of official exams.

My paid advertising skills were not acquired by traditional learning, but with the experience of trial & error of best practices at my own MLM website. My own money at stake.

To prepare for success at the first try an Udemy course with practice questions has been “consumed”.

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