Google Analytics Certification

Client: Google Analytics
Date: April 7, 2017
Services: Certificate

01. Why Google Analytics

The only way to perfection is via feedback. You may invent some useful product, build essential functions, but without feedback-based research of your potential customers the one you build this product for is not them, it’s yourself. Google Analytics takes the forefront on the feedback approach and makes something as simple as your customers browsing webpages to a data-intensive research subject.

To get better at something your first have to understand your mistakes. Because feedback-interpretation is so essential in todays world and to get all the possible data you can get out of your customers I immersed myself into this tool and completed this certification.

Nearly everyone with a website uses Google Analytics. But only a few know and use the potential this tool gives you about your customers and their habits and utilizes the insights into their business. This is what learning and getting this certification brought me: The feedback-loop of unnamed visitors.

To prepare for success I learned with the official Google documentation and “consumed” an udemy course to ensure a passing grade at first try.

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