Google Mobile Sites Certification

Client: Google Mobile Sites
Date: April 6, 2017
Services: Certificate

01. Why Google Mobile Sites

The world is going mobile. This saying would haveĀ been true some 5-10 years ago, now it’s false. The world is mobile. The most important functionalities of our internet age are present in our handheld devices. Websites still exist, and they will so for a long time, but in most cases they are just mobile screens with larger spacings and easier to oversee elements. Someone who doesn’t plan for mobile today has already lost (depending on the industry of course).

Google has a lot of research to offer and this course was just that, research combined into simple best practices. Elements your should incorporate and styles which belong to the past. The “Top 10 things your should do to make your mobile site successful”-clickbait of one of the most credible sources, Google.

The learned material is something everyone who has a mobile website should have to look through. Data-based truth helped me strengthen my common sense decisions in some areas, while I learned new common sense in others. Glad this course came out when I started my Google-certification-run.

To prepare for success I learned with the official Google documentation, which I will turn to every case of mobile website development.

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